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Now Songtext

these days hold all the glory that you'll ever know
you pray for change for your whole life and let the beauty of the moment go
you hope to have a face one day but have no means to form expression
and when you suffocate on this you won't exist to learn your lesson
I don't want to live my life to think there's something more
I touch the things I want to feel
if it burns me then it's real
I don't care if you define your life by what you do not have
but I can't live my life that way
there's so much more I have to say before I say goodbye

there is nothing more than what exists before your eyes in this moment
and this moment breathes for you alone
this sunset burns for you alone
no change could burn it brighter
no new horizon could keep it in the sky forever

there's a part of me you never knew
the same thing could be said for you
I have no desire to try
to hold my past or live a lie
there are words you will never speak
people you will never meet
heights to which you'll never climb
and all your dreams will fade away in time

there is nothing more

now is all we have

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