The Approaches Songtext
von Subsignal

The Approaches Songtext

Hours of darkness touch hours of light
Olden days broken, not perfectly gone
Distances fading in bright sunset glow
Getting there felt like an unending flight

Now the heart is beating slower
As the latitudes collide
And the skin is growing older
So slowly we drive

Imagine a doorway
And running away
Imagine a way out
is another way home
Imagine a window
The breath of the world
Imagine an ocean
Is a bridge across the past

This new light, subdued
These signs by the road
It takes forever to spot where to go
But in wind, in rain
Through the silence and doubt
Still chasing time
In a country of hope

Imagine a doorway
And running away
Imagine an Eden
In the fine shape of a home
Imagine a window
A world upside down
Imagine an ocean
Is a bridge across the past

The headlights light up
The new street ahead
It took forever to build it in time
The old house, old skin
Whoever wears it by now
It's now or never to keep racing on

Boldly we start
Slowly we see
Bright stars piercing the sky
Thirsty we drink from the rain
Soaking our hearts

Cravingly hope
Humbly we pray
That our engine will run
And so we drive
Hands on wheel 'til we arrive

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