Every Able Hand Songtext
von Subsignal

Every Able Hand Songtext

We are wondering
Yet our goal is unforetold
We are diving
In a deepness dark and cold

With every able hand
We're shifting heavy loads
Our banners waving proudly
Staring at the sun
The point of no return

Saviours and salvation
Every fable, every farce
Conveniently able of persuasion
All for one and none for all

With every able hand
We're shifting heavy loads
The piles are getting mightier
Our sunlight's almost gone
The turmoil at the base
Foretells that all that's built
Will tumble down

Walls of water at the shores
Fire's burning deep
Weary legs that cannot carry more
The mountain's much too steep
The breach into forever
Has never been that small
While we're lifting up our spirits
Every able hand will still not be enough

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