Killing Rapture Songtext
von SubRosa

Killing Rapture Songtext

Revealing love to be
a test tube of untidy sludge
Is the greatest triumph
of the modern era

Evolution belies
this unfortunate defect
We're smoothing out
the gross chaos of biology

to precision
A threat to order
and reason, inverse of numbers

The fruits of the heart
are a useless and troublesome thing
A waste of time,
thief of quota and peace of mind
Rapture is such
an inefficient emotion
With the surgical arts,
we'll free them from their foolish hearts

To feel
is the enemy
To be a dead tomb is a mercy

Hanno combattuto la battaglia
della loro vita per questo
Per essere fatti a pezzi,
per venire ridotti al nulla

Per essere fatti a pezzi,
per venire ridotti al nulla

The time has come
to take someone, anyone
Courtship is no more than
a menu of flesh and blood
We're interchangeable
as dung at the city dump
A city laid waste,
where everything's been decided for us

So get a ticket
Erase all difference
Undo the burden
of identity (your body is not your own)

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