She Grew Up Songtext
von Stiff Little Fingers

She Grew Up Songtext

I'd met her before somewhere, I knew the face
But she had green spikes in her hair, back in 78
Now the plastic bin liner skirt and the safety pins
Have given way to a zip pocket shirt and designer jeans

She said, 'I guess I grew up you know how it goes
Oh yes I grew up, but I didn't grow old.'

I'd met her looking for fun, out on her own
Now she had a kid in the plan, and a husband at home
But she's got a hold of her life, and she's taking a chance
She's in a job that she likes, and she still loves to dance


She said that she was just, just what she wanted to be
But she would never forget the way the music set her free
The way it set her free.

I said of course she grew up, cause that's how it goes
Sure she grew, but she'll never grow
We said yeah we grew up, cause that's how it goes
Yeah we grew up, but we'll never grow old
We will never grow old

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