Ladi Dadi Songtext
von Steve Aoki

Ladi Dadi Songtext

Dim the lights,
So you can see me
Close your mouth,
Don't speak, just feel me
Closer, we become together
We will fall up and we're one
This night, this night
We give ourselves one night

We kiss and I smile so softly
We're just friends, but I like you slightly
We won't cross the line,
We'll go on a proper date sometime
Just a boy, and a girl
Just us two, in the world
Up on you're roof

A little bit of talk
A little bit of pleasure
A little bit of makin' out
And then we work it out
A little smoky smoke
Tell me a dirty joke
Up on your roof, up on your roof

And we don't need nobody
'Cause I'm a little party
Just us two, just us two
And we don't need nobody
'Cause we go ladi dadi
Just us two, me and you, me and you

Me and you

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