The Revolution Kind ( Bonus Track ) Songtext
von Sonny Bono

The Revolution Kind ( Bonus Track ) Songtext

I′m glad I'm here just like you
And if I say a thing or two
That doesn′t mean I'm all that mad
Or that I think this place is bad
We got a land and the land is free
And no one loves it more than me

But a man's got a right to talk about
What′s on his mind
That doesn′t necessary mean
He's a revolution kind

Destruction is near we heard the moans
But I got conclusions of my own
Have I got some kid I have to teach
That if somebody makes a speech
And what he said you don′t agree
Just let him scream the man is free


These words all have been said before
By men who have to go to war
By men who cried and kiss their wife
By men who had to give their life
By better men than me
That's why this land we have is free


Oh no
Oh no
Oh no
Oh no

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