Constellations Songtext
von Son Ambulance

Constellations Songtext

Constellations take on meaning dim light of the sun
Staring back from the dusty black
They know where I'm coming from
Seeds of unforgiveness as twisted trees return
Tops of buildings, the school steps
City shapes unlearned

It's highway robbery on your technology
Where the road has been mislead
You know when Edison's invention
Won't light up in my head
We grasp the saps of forest thoughts
Cementing with our hands
We try to give the ground some floor
The sky some place to land

We stole the dark of the ocean
And we named it night
Put a switch up to the wall
We cut holes in the door
Of the future unlocked
For you, for you

Washed and dried and hung up
All your clothes
And in one sleeve there was a letter enclosed
Said I had formed attachments to these rags
The way they draped your form so fluidly
Covered all my plans
But since you spilled the grape store vines
And jilted lies of your finest things
And wedding rings were swept out on the porch
You won't be playing dress up in my illusions anymore

The one I adore
Counting hairs on her hair is wearing quite thin
It's a lousy game I know
That I can't lose
My shadow

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