Memo Yeah That's Fine Man Songtext
von Snowing

Memo Yeah That's Fine Man Songtext

I feel like I'm not myself today. I feel it in my head, I swear, I feel it in my head. And I'm concerned that I might be okay. But why? My dad is dead, I'm unemployed, and all I'm left with are broken plans, a list of failures, regrets and'
I'll call Graham and we'll smash shit today. We'll yell at college kids, watch Predator, and hate ourselves. Adam, Reject, Hannae, and Renee: you're doing something right. It's simmering. Just give it time.
From Dayquil to goodnight, hey fuck yeah, I'm all right today.
I've been thinking that I'm worthless and I know I'm right, but I'm giving life a shot. Hey, fuck yeah, Dad. I tried.

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