Trouble Songtext
von Shawn Colvin

Trouble Songtext

Baby let me set you down
You look so troubled and I think I know
Just when you think you′ve come around
There you go

Now I know the business of the heart
And it'll get you anyway it can
You need someone to walk with in the dark, well
I′m your man

I go to the trouble like a magnet
That's where I'll be
Trouble is just a place to sing
It′s what you need

I swear you look like you′re in jail
And all at once you're halfway out the door
One foot dancing, one foot nailed
To the floor

Chasing those circles in the ground
The same old shit is still the same old lie
Just when you think you′ve got it down
Watch it fly

I go to the trouble like a light
Or like a dare
Trouble is just a friend to me, I know
It'll always be there

It′s really hard to make your peace
So give me some credit for the hell I've paid
This world′s a blessing and a beast

So come on baby let me show you how
The less you know the more I comprehend
You don't have to drag me down
I descend

I go to the trouble and I like it
That's where I′ll be
Trouble is just like love, if it′s half the way
It's all I can see
And it′s just what you need

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