Tarifa Songtext
von Sharon Van Etten

Tarifa Songtext

Hit the ground
The yard
I found something
I could taste your mouth
Shut the door
Now in the sun tanning

You were so just
Looking across the sky
Can't remember
I can't recall, no
I can't remember anything at all

We skipped the sunrise
Looking across the grass
Said he wanted
And not that I'm every
It's the same
I could mean
You were right

Everyone else
Hasn't a chance
Don't fail me now
Open arms rest

Let's run under
Cursing myself at night
Slow, it was seven
I wish it was seven all night

Tell me when
Tell me when is this over
Chewed you out
Chew me out when I'm stupid

I don't wanna
Everyone else pales
Send in the owl
Tell me I'm not a child

He summoned
Forget about everyone else
Fall away somehow

To figure it out

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