One Last Goodbye Songtext
von Seventh Wonder

One Last Goodbye Songtext

Don't want you to go, is there no other way?
I'll cherish this last kiss goodbye
I will care for all you leave behind
We won't let you go alone
But we have made a tragic decision,
Because your wounds won't heal.
It's the final solution

When every day hurts
And tears keep on falling, we're letting you go
The shadows are calling
One last goodbye
We're all here beside you
Your soul will fade like a rose in the dark,
But your memory remains

Night after night, living a dream
Finally feeling my blood again
The notes in that song
Kept my heart beating strong all the way
I can see clearly now
I'm tired of constantly sleeping
I will open my eyes again
So ready to live now

When every day hurts...

I'm flying high, aim for paradise
I'm hungry for life again
What a rush
Hold my family!
I'm never letting go!

Repeat chorus

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