Woe Songtext
von Say Anything

Woe Songtext

All the words
In my mouth
That the scene deemed unworthy of letting out
Banded together
To form a makeshift militia
And burrowed bloodily through my tongue and my teeth
And I stood proud
In the gallery
With my open socket of a mouth for them to see

They all just laughed
And said
That boy, he...

That boy's got woe

He lives with woe

And this girl who I met
Whose pride makes her hard to forget

She took pity on me
But most likely because of my band
And that's all I can get
When I'm lonely

And these visions of death seem to own me
In the quiet of the classrooms
All across the stacked United States Of Woe

We live with woe
She said, "I can't get laid in this town
Without these pointy fucking shoes
My feet are so black and blue
And so are you"
Please take me out of my body
Up through the palm trees
To smell California in sweet hypocrisy
Floating, my senses surround my body
I wake my nose to smell that ocean burn
So now I'm forging ahead
Past all the Plutocrats who sold me out
Go sob in your bed
If life is twice as pretty once you're dead
Then send me a card
I'm still the optimist, though it is hard
When all you want to be
Is in a dream

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