Set You Free Songtext
von Sara K.

Set You Free Songtext

Honest, deep, profound love is a great tome, so is laughter, by the way, but this song is a declaration of honest, deep
And profound love, thank you, Liz Beth, for lighting up our room - may your greatness soar.

My love is fearless, my love is scared
My love is lonely when you′re not there
When you take my love it ain't no sin
It gets what it gives what it gets, and that ain′t giving in
Ah, but jealousy tryin endlessly to fool my mind.

My love is half empty, my love is full when it's just you & me, it's an so good it carries me when the winds are high
Sets me down ′neathe a purple sky
Don′t you bury me, on the day I die
Set me free, set me free.

My love goes with you, your hand in mine
Until forever runs outta time
May it carry you when the winds are high
Set you down 'neathe a purple sky
Lift you up when it′s time to fly
& Set you free, set you free...

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