Wherever You Are Songtext
von S Club Juniors

Wherever You Are Songtext

1st Verse sung by Stacey:
I feel you everytime my heart beats
And love grows stronger as they days go by
You don't have to say that you love me
We're good together 'cause we're two of a kind

Bridge sung by Frankie:
And I need you to light up my life
I need you to keep me alive

Wherever you are whatever you do
Every breathe that I take I'll be
Thinking of me and you
Wherever you go you know
You're not alone
So hold on and be strong
'Cause you know we're
Two hearts beating one

2nd Verse, 1st part sung by Rochelle:
So close there
Is nothing between us
With every beat I feel
You more and more

2nd verse, 2nd part sung by Daisy:
I used to think paradise
Was beyond me
But you brought heaven
Right to my door

Bridge (again sung by Frankie) and Chorus

Verse 3, 1st part sung by Jay:
This is where you belong
Because we're one and the same
(Never being lonely)

Verse 3, 2nd part sung by Rochelle:
You are the reason I live
The reason I'll never be lonely again

Wherever you are (x3)
You know your not alone (x2)

Chorus (2x)

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