Meant To Be Songtext
von Ruben Studdard

Meant To Be Songtext

Just take a look at who we are
What do you see?
Let's try to work it out
Talk about figure out if there's a new you and me
When we have love for ourselves
Only think can we love someone else
If we make a vow we will be all that we're meant to be
Yeah, yeah

There was a time when I thought I had lost it all
But you stood by my side, and a God can be you start my …
When it hurt to get through my day
You were strong and you showed me the way that we hold the key
we can be all that we're meant to be

Now that my heart it's so free
You know I feel your love all over me
You shine a lot though darkness
Now I can see
Now I can see

Ooh baby hope when I was on the road all alone
And when I was feeling down
You pick me up, brush me off
You help me move on

Now I have love for myself so it's time to love someone else
Cause we hold the key more then we even
With open yes we realize
There will hold the key
of all that we meant to be
all that we meant to be
all that we meant
We can be anything we want
If we just believe that we can be all that we meant to be

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