Find Your Way Home Songtext
von Roma Di Luna

Find Your Way Home Songtext

Pop, I know you had no choice
Had to watch for yourself
Taught me not to raise my voice
Told me not to raise no hell

But you raise the speed of my heart
You raise the heat in my blood
You could raise your fist up to me
But you couldn't raise your son

You wasn't no rolling stone
A stone is something you can hold
Real quick I had to get real grown
Keep me an' mama outta the cold

Pop, I never knew ya, I hope you didn't die alone
And at the end of the day
I Hope you find your way back home

Grandpa Charlie was a giant man
Had a lion's heart
Used to pick me up in his hands
Used to watch me play ball in the park

Tellin' jokes/ kept our Christmas warm
Jet-black coffee in his cup
He never talked about the war
He turned his hearing aid off

Fifty years he made my Grandma his wife
That night he left
I know he loved us all of his life
Right up to his last breath
Charlie we were at your bedside

You did not die alone
And at the end of the day, I
I hope you find your way back home

Got some incense smoking
Got a candle burning low
Kitchen-wall clock is broken
What day it is I don't even know

I travel from city to city
What is it that I'm trying to find?
I know I can't take nothing with me
Leave it all behind

I know I done people wrong
I hope that they're alright
Gotta keep traveling on
Travel on into the night

Mama I'ma come back to you
You will not die alone
And at the end of the day
I hope I find my way back home

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