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Why Songtext

Josh Deutsch & Janna Allen)
Vocal Arrangement: Sean Altman
Everybody′s gotta learn to lose, well I'm the one.
I′ve got to explain this heart of mine.
Everybody's gotta learn to bleed, I see the light.
It seems like a shame.
Well listen people sing
* Why... (why, got to do... yeah) and I...
(Why, it doesn't mean that much to you sing, yeah)
Sing why... (why... go to choose, yeah)
And I (why, don′t wanna lose, no)
But I can′t stop me from feelin' strange
Everybody′s gotta learn to change, well I'm the one.

There′s pleasure in pain
(What you feel when love is at your door)
When love's around.
Everybody′s gotta learn to breathe, I see the light.
Well it seems like a shame.
(Doesn't it seem like such a damn)
Well listen people sing
* Repeat
It's not how you play, it′s if you win the game
I don′t care who you were, look at what you became
It's a woman in prison on the 4th o′July
Sings the music of fear in a lullaby.
* Repeat

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