Ace of Hearts Songtext
von Richard Clapton

Ace of Hearts Songtext

Go ahead babe, you're the dealer,
I only know what I see
I don't know what kinda tricks you're playing
But you've got a few tricks up your sleeve
I've seen every face printed on my cards
But I've seen you as the Ace of Hearts

It's so easy for you to keep saying
You don't care who'll lose or who'll win
But you know damn well when this hands played out
We're gonna start all over again

One day you'll find yourself playing
With some two time gambling man
And when you've played out all your cards
He'll take you for the Ace Of Hearts

I'm so tired of this same old game
I wonder will it ever end
Sometimes when I feel you're sure to change
I realize you're just playing to win
Ace of Hearts

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