Teutonic Witch Songtext
von Reverend Bizarre

Teutonic Witch Songtext

Caress me now, this last time
as you know I have to go away
I will go to some distant place
I don't want to see you anymore
because your beauty makes me tremble a new
Woman no more shall I live as your slave

You, you took my heart away
took it away and left only emptiness
Woman, oh it will never heal again
Sore I am, fallen down on my knees
You want me to bow to you,
that I will do but I swear, this is the last time

Witch, that is what you are, making me long for you this way.

I taste your sword of understanding
Mouthful of metal until I bleed. You will let me down.
Tooth and claw, with a razorblade I cut my veins.
With my blood we toast (for) the Iron Law

Bring back my heart. You don't need it now
I've gone so far. I am lost somehow
I've been away so long, hard to find a place
I try to look ahead, but I am lost without a trace

Even when it's gone, hear what I have to say
You can't ignore the past. No use to run away
I clean all my wounds. My will is still of steel
The years that I have lost can't change the way I feel

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