Breaking the Sun Songtext
von Remission

Breaking the Sun Songtext

As my mind flows like a stream
I drift into another state of being, escape reality
Realise that which I cannot see
Another time and place upon this spectral plane
With strength I fight the ominous
Denialism a blade to my throat
The thoughts that lie here waiting for the choke
Wrought time, the black hole grows in violence
I have much to fear, fucking get me out of here

Inside my head, submerged
Caged in dying thoughts
Now, flying
As I escape to my new horizons

I can break the sun
Soar beyond the helm of black that I create
A dawn, the dew of new beginnings
No longer chained in the crypt of misery
All my heavy heart
Flushed, now writhing with new energy
I'm breaking the sun
No longer chained in the crypt of misery

Hid away, confusion and lack of meaning
Inside my head, thrown and torn asunder
I escape crushing depths beneath the sea
Now I fly, to heights of new atmospheres
Open my mind
Open my eyes
Silence no more
Frailty of mind, left behind
Left behind

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