CPU Songtext
von Raury feat. RZA

CPU Songtext

It's a long life
And I don't want to walk alone
Past midnight
I finally get you on the phone
I know I did you wrong
Please don't leave me alone
You said I can't love you right
But girl I can love you right
Cause I could lose it all in the flames and still have
Being Spiteful
Stop doing shit to get in my head
But I want you
So I don't even get upset
It's just cause I did you wrong
You just want to do me wrong
You said I can't love you right
But two wrongs don't make it right
And even through it all of this pain
I still want

Good, good, get this understood
I ain't out here lumberjackin' but I wish I would
Fuck with another nigga, what with another nigga
I'ma swear to God you'll be stuck with another nigga
And I thought you loved the clouds
So just tell me of a place that you just want to go
We can take a quick vacation no one has to know
Oh oh, computarized lovin' love that's all you need
I just want
Promise you gon' ride 'til the windows fall off
We will never die, we will never fall off
If this shit is real, baby, if this shit is real
Love don't ever end, baby that's part of the deal deal deal
My heart's been punctured, I'm dysfunctional
Love was unconditional, now it's prenuptial
Corrupted by friends and neighbors girl it's crazy
Behavior changin' plans rearrangin'
Now I want you back like what's happenin'
Watchin' reruns of Todd Bridges and Janet Jackson
Different strokes for different folks
Shoppin' that Chanel for matchin' coats
Even though I know you want to slit my throat
When I see you
I still want you
No matter what I do
Yo, I still want you
I can't be through it's like a feet need a shoe
The sky needs the blue, I need you.

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