You're in Trouble Songtext
von Ratt

You're in Trouble Songtext

Oh yeah
Well, fast as lightnin′, and the gun
Your shadow's got you on the run
You′re such a fighter, I said you're the one
And I will only tell you once

You're in trouble, what are you gonna do
You′re in trouble, it′s what you're goin′ through, goin' through

You′re such a teaser, you give me life
I live in jungles and live with knives
There's always trouble on your mind
And won′t you make me draw the line
And that's the price you pay to lie
You wanted trouble, you tell me why
We're gonna get you, what ya gonna do, do, do
We′re gonna get you, what ya gonna do


You′re on the top, top, the top, well, top of the night
Hey hey, hey hey, hey hey


You're in trouble, well, trouble, I got a finger on you
You′re in trouble, It's what you′re goin' through
You′re in trouble

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