Young and Dumb Songtext
von Rangleklods

Young and Dumb Songtext

you owned the crowd the moment
you stepped through the door into teenage awe
i hid my lust in cold hands
as you told a friend about your discontents
i pretended not to care at all
browsed through posters on the walls
trying to find a courage i knew i didn't possess

got drunk and lost attention
so i jumped a bit when i saw you sit
right next to me and though we didn't
share a single word i felt weirdly heard

by the girl i thought i loved
god i was so young and dumb
where are you now and who could you be talking too?

eventually I did what i've done ever since then
explained my state without hope, turned and got far away
forgot about her in weeks i'd found somebody else
to rest my nervous eyes upon concealing myself

all these girls i thought i loved
guess i'm just as young and dumb
all these girls i thought i loved
i'm tired of always giving up
and that's why i only do girls i barely just like

the reason i want you
is because i can't have you
it's because i can't have you
that's the reason i want you

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