Her Songtext
von Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen

Her Songtext

Well, he was sitting at the bar with her
When I walked in
And a few beers later he, she and I
Were friends
Said, "I'm glad I got to know you
Heaven knows how much a friend is worth
And the one thing I like the most about you is her"

He said, "Yeah, she's something special"
As she looked at me with those big blues
There was something about those legs
And the way they fit into her high heeled shoes
I said, "Man, you're mighty lucky"
He said, "Thank you" as his words began to slur
I said, "Old friend you need another drink
Here's a toast to you and me and her"

The next thing I knew he's passed out at the bar
My luck she wound up on the dance floor in my arms

A couple dances later
I had her at a table of our own
He was resting comfortably in la-la land transported by Patron
Thought it's time to get on out of here
But maybe I should wait and thank him first
But then the only thing I really even liked about him at all was her

Yeah, the moral of the story
Is if you take your girl somewhere to quench your thirst
Don't drink more than the other guy
And always, always, keep your eyes on her

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