Nadiral Songtext
von Rancorum

Nadiral Songtext

The Eye on top is dancing your self-struggle
To a concealed and foreknown outcome

Take side, subscribe, just bide into conflict
They guide, you slide inside of their pattern

The setup play demands sham ticking bombs for a chosen end
Unselfish hands will lay your loaded head on rusty nails

Going nadiral
We crave for more
Sliding nadiral

We live and burn and heat the urn of acrid venom
This will load again their vicious weapon
Heal and burn once more convicted
This will get you the path predicted

Going nadiral
We crave for more
Sliding nadiral

We live to fall in lustful plot of the given chessboard
Onwards to further mind′s thin reward
Gestate the black-white duel as normal
Avow "divide and conquer" as common

Going nadiral
Sliding again

So step back from the Triad of hate in a corner
Withdraw from charge of disorder
Find it below lying under surface of sight
Search in the shadows for only a whisper of light

Explore the uproar!
Outpour the turmoil!


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