First Song Songtext
von Ramshackle Glory

First Song Songtext

No one needs to tell me how to get get get down,
But won't somebody show me how to get back up?
I thought about killing my landlord, but he was pretty nice,
Instead, I paid my rent on time as often as I could.
I've been making strange friends in the desert; they love Jesus and America too.
It ain't as bad as it sounds, someday I'll explain it to you.

It's not that I mind sleeping all alone in the grass,
It's just that I've been dreaming since... well, maybe i ain't woke up yet.
But nothing's been quite the same since you shot yourself.
I don't know if you believe in ghosts, I hope you'd haunt me if you were one.
I've been trying not to steal from everybody I know but so far that's impossible!
But here in the desert, somehow I hope that someday it won't be that way for me.
No it won't be that way for me anymore.

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