GreyGods Songtext
von Ramirez

GreyGods Songtext

Sitting in a circle as we're praying to the wicked one
Flames arise, a buster cries and everybody starts to run
Looking at the devil in his eyes, don't be surprised
Everybody in this bitch will die by the night

Lightning strikes in front of my feet
I believe I'm the demon that bleeds in the color of grey
Winter is coming I summon the flames
Summer is gone I'm no longer Yung Plague
Noose and a blade
Lucifer's slave
Choosing the day I'll be loose in the grave
Slay the sheep that pull wool over my eyes
Creep in the dark I'm a shark in disguise
Park it in drive
Jump out the ride
Crucify me on a spike
I will die right by Lucifer's side
Bodies in a pile about a mile down the road
Got a while til it snows
Black and white makes the color that I glow
Grow in a hole until I become whole

Shoot that bitch right in his neck like executing Clay Morrow
Then I stumble and I walk to go and grab me a shovel
Yung Jax Teller and the concrete's my jungle
Smuggle a fuck boy to sacrifice into rubble
Tunnel vision to murder with grey walls caving in
Crumble till I'm unheard of the resurrection begins
Welcome to the land of 6,000 degrees
Feel the ferocity of fire burning for eternity

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