Dellamorte Dellamore Songtext
von Ramirez

Dellamorte Dellamore Songtext

Stay the fuck back
You scream in my space
You talking too much but your words do not faze
We causing the ruckus i'm leaving no trace
We tearing the club up and catching the case
Ramirez the one
Do not speak about danger
A halo obstructed from bringing the havoc
The ultimate savage preferring the suckery
Dope in my carriage this shit will get tragic
You fuck with the lunatic bitch i'm the one
I rose out the grave
Put that grip on this gun
Grey fifty nine and we do this for fun
Heck boy you loose with the smoke in my lungs
Cover the goat with the sacrificed blood
Follow the devil
I came from the sun
Checking the gun while i step on your throat
Step in my circle, get hit by the boat bitch!

Lay on the grave that's where we fuckin' pray (wroo)
Ak spray take another life away (wroo)
You don't fuckin' want it
Get the fuck out my way (wroo)
Deadly like a
Plauge bitch
Welcome to judgement day
Well, sawed off let em all off with the drop off
Play off when i shoot off and i play off
Skates off when i evolve with the ar
Fuck around get your ass beat by the default
Walking with gush
And we know that you scared
Beware of the beast in my devilish glare

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