Depth Charges Songtext
von Raised By Swans

Depth Charges Songtext

i wish i could take it back
the way i left you then
i flooded the tanks and ran
phantasms at force ten

i dropped like a knife
for years i just scraped by
curled up
bow down
half blind

don't know where you are
but sometimes a depth charge
stirs my
ancient sonar

as fast as i dared to drive
the icy roads
ghost white
rose up from the river bed
your long dead star
reeled me in

the glittering lights
and faces i crept by
eyes wide
skipped and stuttered

i'd surfaced behind a melting projection
banks where
flags once fluttered

it's like the more dead reckonings i take
the more i fail to see
that in this life of mine
you're lost to me

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