Real Niggas Songtext
von QB Finest feat. Nas & Ruc

Real Niggas Songtext

Ill Will... yeah yeah yo... Queensbridge niggas... crud love baby.

[Verse 1: Ruk]
Aiyo, I zone out
Feelin′ like I'm in Capone′s house
Starin' at Manhattan and The Bridge with the chrome out
Ki's on the table, black tanktop, long cable
Thoughts of overtakin′ the table
Dismantle and disable
Verbal, made fatal, what drug paper do
Straight duct tapin′, apin' a few
Takin′ Mo' and Henny straight and things loose
Puffin′ the fruits, thug in a duece
Flaggin', pants saggin′, fuckin' ya goose
I'm like nothin′ to you
Dumpin′ the Rug' and your group in a red coog′
Jump in the Isuzu and cruise
Blank tints, bulletproof, red Timb boots
Nigga loose, license plate screamin' "Fuck you"
Drunken days, I wish ya′ll knew
Thug dreams, what it means to you
Red seams, triple beams
40 inch blings, Ill Will the fuckin' team
This for my niggas in the Bridge from Queens.

[Chorus: Nas]
Illmatic Ice, Goon, Sonny, and Smitty (real niggas)
Big Felton, Chick, Petey, and Sarge (real niggas)
Yambo, Bar, Spank, and Will (real niggas)
Some is here, some died in the field (real niggas)
Richie, Luke, Arkay, Marty, Tahay (real niggas)
Rico, Black, Party Rob, and Eighty (real niggas)
Y.G., Nut, Foul One, and Lord (real niggas)
Blink, Ice, Cliff, Super nice, and Draws (real niggas)

[Verse 2: Nas]
Bumpy Johnson style, old timers, crocodile shoes
Pinky rings, big rounders with tools, bossin′ wild crews
Slacks, overlaps, applejack hats quarterfield coats
Cadillacs with white walls and chrome wheel spokes
They were organized, investin', had a piece of the hood
They had drugs, bettin' numbers, police understood
They played the Cotton club, red carpet, hoes on they arm
Plush mink, pimped out gangsta, civil rights wasn′t won
Every Christmas they were Santa Claus, Nichson was the Anti-Christ
Bitches asses were bigger then, sniffin′ nose candy white
Listenin' to Malcolm speak, talcum powder, shaving cream
Layin′ back, barber chair, straight razor clean
Babies were born, big families started to blossom
Mad people just applied for apartments and got 'em
Used to be rules to this game of hustlers and dealers
From Tommy guns to MAC Tens it′s Q.B.'s newborn killers.

[Verse 3: Ruc]
96 buildings of children, guns, and bad feelings
Q.B. see we rep by the Millions
Each block, ten spots, a hundred different villians
In abundance my dunnettes run this drug dealin′
Stash the jums in hallway cielings
Gangsta paradise, watch the ice, nigga make a killin'
In the cut on the steps yo gettin' good neck
Only in the projects, we die with respect
Pussy niggas quiet as kept will riot the set
Six blocks of real niggas vexed
Assorted irons and vests, stress on they chest
20 half a G′s on Henny, Son, the whole hood is wet
In memory of... who′s next?
Train they set, lend they Teck, earn your check
Nigga, you better rep
Real niggas come out the projects
40 to the 41st, Vernon to the 12th.

[Chorus: Nas]
Sherm the Worm, High, Papoose (real niggas)
Black Ed, Killa Black, Wee-Wop (real niggas)
Body G, Divine, Hot Day (real niggas)
J.L., Earnie, Q.T. (real niggas)
Karate Joe, Big Killa, Beefstick (real niggas)
Lloyd, Floyd, niggas we miss (real niggas)
Al Womack, Spunk, World, and Fun (real niggas)
Goodfellas, 40 Busters, Young Guns (real niggas)
Vernon Posse, Tre Bag, Black Born (real niggas)
Green Eyes, Small Shan, Duhan (real niggas)
Peace, Tommy, Ron, Keyshawn (real niggas)
Herb, Bohound, Crazy (real niggas)
Jungle, Horse, Wiz, Bravehearts (real niggas)
Havoc, Prodigy, Mobb Deep (real niggas)
Killa Kids, Infamous Mobb (real niggas)
Rambo, Face, Shayquan (real niggas)
L.E.S., Big Things, Nashawn (real niggas)
Crime Fam, Ron, Smack, Don, Alawn (real niggas)
Justice, Understanding, Joe Grimes (real niggas)
Lou, Frank, John, Hope, Fall Guy (real niggas)
J-Roc, Bumpy, and Little Black (real niggas)
The list is gettin' too long for this track (real niggas)
Gangsta, Gangsta, Gangsta... to all my real niggas from Queensbridge,
From the grave, in a cage, or walkin′ on stage doin' they thing gettin′
Paid... my Nigga Mr. Ruc who don't give a fuck,
Queensbridge to the death niggas,
2001 and so on and so on...

My nigga Bowser, my nigga Spank, shoutouts to Sudan,
QBC′s finest, Bing, Crime Fam, Killa Kids, Malik The Hitler,
Hot Bars, Mo King, shouts to Pop, Wild Gremlins, Germ and Norm,
Let's get it on...

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