The Boss (demo) Songtext
von Pulp

The Boss (demo) Songtext

Wearing a shirt that was trying too hard,
Pissed on a train and he's falling around.
And then I turned around and you were out of sight,
And now there's nowhere for me to stay tonite.
And then I walked around town just to catch you out,
I thought I'd lost myself somewhere in the nite.
Oh is he bigger? and does he make you laugh?
Mamamamamamamamamamamamamamamama let it go.
I could never do anything else,
So what am I gonna do with myself?
I saw him kiss you in the afternoon
Cos I was next door in a double room.
I was listening through the wall as he laid you down.
I don't know what you did,
Oh but I heard the sound.
Oh is he better?
Does he make you scream?
Mamamamamamamamamamamamamamamama let it go.
You've got to tell me know if he's better than me.
I need to know, oh can't you see?

Something strange is getting stronger.
I can't hang on any longer.
Don't you know I want to go away?
Oh jesus christ I know I'm gonna lose the game,
I've only got myself to blame, oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
All right.
I'm gonna leave town,
I'm gonna catch a train.
I'm going somewhere where I can start again.
I'm gonna let it all go just like you said,
I'll look for someone else who can take the blame.
And is he younger?
And can he make you laugh?
Mamamamamamamamamamamamamamamama let it go.
Oh, let it go.
After seven years down a dead-end road I'm gonna get off here,
I'm gonna let it go,
Let it go.

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