1 + 1 + 1 Is 3 Songtext
von Prince & The New Power Generation

1 + 1 + 1 Is 3 Songtext

"As she fell into the Sensual Everafter - out of body, out of mind,
He stroked her hair a hundred times.
And as she fell deeper into the hypnotic unwind,
He counted his way into the suggestive mind.
Planting a seed that bears fruit on the tree.
He said, 'repeat after me, repeat after me, repeat after me,
1+1+1 is 3.'"

Stroke your hair 100 times
Let's see what I can find

If U ain't got no place 2 stay (No place)
Come on baby 'round this way
Well, stay with me baby
But let me tell ya, let me tell U how it's gonna be

There's a theocratic order
There's a theocratic order (There's a way we gotta do things)

This is how it's gonna be
If U wanna be with me
Ain't no room 4 disagree (No room)
1+1+1 is 3

Take your time 2 think it through (Think about it)
If this is what U wanna do
I ain't really that hard 2 please
Cuz 1+1+1 is 3 - hey!

Say baby, I'm feelin' 2 play with my thang (Play with it)
Play with it

Stroke your hair 100 times
Let me see what I can find - hey!
Do U know about the order, do U know about the order, now?
Don't know nothin' 'bout that

We are the Banished Ones and we have come 2 dance
If U will not let us, we'll have 2 kick your pants! {repeat phrase}

Who's that knockin' on our door?
Didn't we throw U out before?
I'm 'bout 2 get rowdy
Look out, I'm 'bout 2 get rowdy, now
Make me wanna do something

We could be surrounded in the palace
(Everybody wants 2 get U)
I don't care

How many y'all just came 2 dance?
Let me see U shake your pants (Shake your pants)
We don't give a duck what U got on
U just need 2 work that sexy body all night long
Come on - hey!

Where them Banished Ones at? (Said they 'round the back)
Don't cut 'em no slack (I'ma tap, tap, tap)
But should I keep this party going? (Brotha, U know that)
Moneyapolis, sing:
"Rainbow Children, raise your hand
If we can't do it, nobody can!"

Here they come y'all
Rally 'round the palace, now
U know what we got 2 do
Ah, come on

How'd that fool get up in here?

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