Goodbye, Blue Monday Songtext
von PMtoday

Goodbye, Blue Monday Songtext

Goodbye sleep, sunlight
Infinite time
Welcome nocturnal minds
And deadlines

I keep eating away at my head
Hoping there′s something good in it
But i've lost all my ideas
They fell through the holes in my brain
Along with my beliefs
And the morals i once had
If i could only find my niche
Some place where i fit

I will never feel the way i felt back then
I wish i could see moments in
Time like a stretch of mountains
I know it sounds nostalgic
I need to know where i
Lost my incentive and talent
I will never feel the way i felt back then ever again

Don′t sit next to me
I'm not the man i used to be
I wanna be left alone
With my heart carved out of stone
Nothing inspires me
Like it used to before
I started questioning
Why all my prayers were ignored.

Sell me your innocence because
I'm desolate and poor
I busted my golden halo on the floor
Let me wear your skin
I wanna be somebody′s burden
I′m a stranger to my own complexion.

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