Maga Dog Songtext
von Peter Tosh

Maga Dog Songtext

Sorry fi Maga Dog
Him turn around bite you
And if you jump outta fryin pan
I know you jump inna fire yeah

See you come from country in a country chuk
Tell me say you a look a likkle wuk
Gal go weh from dey
Me no wan′ fe see you 'round here

When I were with you look how you big and fat
Now you look like a real wet rat
Gal, go weh from me
Me no wan′ fe see you 'round here

Me jus' a do wha′ me hafi do
Me no ha nothin′ more fi do with you
And if you know wha' me know
You galang go turn poppy-show

Your father gi′ you money fi buy piece of land
You take your father money and buy obeah man
But a young nay like you
Should be cut with a filing tool

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