Who Else Could I Be Songtext
von Peter Bradley Adams

Who Else Could I Be Songtext

If I told my secrets
If you knew the truth
If I lay before you
What else could I lose?
And if I told my story
′Til I reach the end
Would I leave it all behind me?
Never told again

Oh, oh, oh, oh

If I find my courage
Would it be enough?
To break the bars right open
And know which way to run
And all these eyes that watch me
See my every move
'Til the day that I′m forgotten
I know it's coming soon

Whoa, whoa, oh, oh

Somewhere down a river
There's a golden shore
Where the pine trees whisper
Words I′ve heard before
There′s a voice that calls me
From the East and West
And I know where it finds me
It won't let me forget

Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh

Why am I so heavy?
But my heart so free
If I′m not the one you wanted
Who else could I be?
Who else could I be?
Who else could I be?

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