Break Me In Songtext
von Paulson

Break Me In Songtext

The words got in the way, he s over-reacting,
but nobody sees him to teach him the lesson
His lips under a light, they look like they re swelling,
but it s only natural, an allergic reaction
Until he catches a glimpse of someone who sees him,
the eyes are like lenses, they come up to his shoulder
It s finally over

I m gonna love again,
you gotta break me in,
I m holding out too long,
you hear it in my songs,
you gotta break me in

He s leaning on his friends, avoiding an action
It s just like a movie that nobody s watching
She grabs him by the wrist, says, Logan, you re spinning.
It s funny you say that, cause no one else noticed
He smiled and told her...

I m gonna love again; you gotta break me in
I m holding out too long, but I m not giving up
You gotta break me in, it won t happen overnight
cause my heart s not making sense
So if I m gonna love again, you gotta break me in

In the air is a hint of iron; I wonder if I ll ever feel that blood again
My chest is cold and lungs are tired
If anything could warm me it was discontent with less

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