Tiger Songtext
von Paula Cole

Tiger Songtext

where do i put this fire
this bright red feeling
this tiger lily down my mouth
he wants to grow to twenty feet tall


i've left bethlehem
i feel free
i've left the girl i was supposed to be and
someday i'll be born

i'm so tired of being shy
i'm not that girl anymore
i'm not that straight A anymore
i want to sit with my legs wide open and
laugh so loud that the whole damn restaurant
will turn and look at me and say
look at the tiger jumping out of her mouth


no more sex-starved teachers
trying to touch my ass
i can finally be a teenager at age twenty-six
go to hell lions, tigers, and bears
i'm not afraid of you anymore
and my fear broke apart like fifty balloons
and i'm thrown around the room like party confetti now


someday i'll be born
someday someday someday i'll be born
someday someday someday i'll be born
high and noon (13 times)

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