Patriot for a Day Songtext
von Passion

Patriot for a Day Songtext

"This just in, planes are flying into our buildings, our loved ones are now jumping
To their deaths, and we are afraid of what could be next."
"Stay tuned for important information on an unknown substance that could potentially
Kill your children, but first, let′s go to the weather center for our five day forecast."
"Well I must admit, things aren't looking too good at the moment.
It doesn′t look like the acid rain is going to let up anytime soon.
There will be plenty of cloudy days ahead."
Extra! Extra! Read all about it.
The war is in the headlines and now it's our business.
The innocent have died for years but we don't care until it effects us.
Are you still proud?
Crash the airwaves and stop the presses.
Now try and tell me what there is to be proud of!
We blame those that kill us but don′t dare research why they would go to such
Lengths to do so.
Perhaps we brought it upon ourselves?
This isn′t a holy war. No god would allow it.
If the world still exists in ten years I'd love to see how they explain this one.
Our own leaders have felt the need to lie to us about weapons of mass
Distraction, and again we let it all slide.

If you do not believe we are at war for oil but somehow believe that we have
Landed on the moon this song is not for you.
God bless america, yea right.
God bless me and no one else.
There are people sleeping on the streets, children starving with nothing to
Eat, are you still proud?
We are surrounded by nothing but death, let′s wave our flag.
We'll leave our children with nothing but debt, let′s wave our flag.
How come flags fly their highest after a tragedy?
Where are they when everything is as it should be?
You are all two faced liars and cheats.
Days pass by, months pass by, years pass by without you making any effort
At standing up for what you believe in because you couldn't care less about
What doesn′t effect you.
Let the rain come falling down.
Make sure you wrap up the flag.
When it rains, it pours.
You brought this upon yourselves.
I hope that this effects you, I hope that this effects all of you.
You are merely a sentimental charlatan.
Please pretend to care about something else.
I hope that this effects you, I hope that this effects all of you

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