Chaque fois Songtext
von Paris Combo

Chaque fois Songtext

In a dance-hall one evening, where I ended up by chance,
Attracted like a vulgar little moth by the Chinese lanterns
You were in your element, making a spectacle of yourself
I was there incognito and you did your number on me...

Oh, I would have happily thrown it all in, happily told you where to get off
you and your laminated tuxedo and your slicked-back blow-dry
but no, I cannot, (yes but no), very well dance without you
With all the others, with every step, each time I fell for it:
but with you, each time, with every step, each time I danced, and it was not easily forgotten.

You put your hands on my waist and suddenly
I felt my disdain evaporate almost with regret
It's your ridiculous look that touched me I think
and my acid-like glance failed to have the "drop dead" effect!

I have my own ideas about love…and you don't really fit in
But if I embrace your form I forget about the whys and the wherefores

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