Incarnate Songtext
von Pantokrator

Incarnate Songtext

What cannot be but was
deity bound in flesh
ambivalent in human weakness.
Sacred and holy in divinity, the universe was in your hand
You were a lonely star a ray of light in the dark,
darkness cannot stand the light,
and morning sun devourers the night,
Your coming was a miracle, hardly a surprise.
It was foretold in visions and dreams and in the stars long before.
Set the sky ablaze!!
In the time of the sign, as it says in the scroll
you where brought Into this world Through a virgins womb
You dwelt among us like a storm held in the palm of a hand.
Nothing was hidden from your eyes.
You have been here before, when time had no name
you were the word spoken in the void before the first breath of Man
When the trumpet sounds
your time has come to
ride the wings of fire.
you will stand once more / on the mount of olives.
and all evil shall burn
in your glorious light

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