A.I. Songtext
von Palisades

A.I. Songtext

There was once a time
when I knew what I was made of
yeah I had some veins they'd pump blood
but then I realized that it's easier to be less alive
and I've replaced my mind with some kind of machine
dead inside

I like it better when I'm made of bolts
no human flesh could withstand the threshold
I recommend advice to all my friends
you'll never have to be alone again
I like it better when you're made of skin
there's no way I'd be caught dead in that again
cause being real and having heart is something that I failed at from the start

so I took my time, started slow
carefully removing
appendages, all the parts that broke
and I was willfully replacing them with metal parts
cause it's easier without a heart
and with iron lungs, I can breath after all the deeds you've done

replace my heart with a machine
I left my body in the street
so none of you can ever hurt me, hurt me
repair my head so I can think
about the way you treated me
so none of you can ever hurt me

I never wanted this, never wanted this to be me

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