The Silent Witness Songtext
von Officium Triste

The Silent Witness Songtext

The silent Witness

Cannot think
Of... A reason

A question
Without... An answer

An answer
I can't give!
I am... the silent witness
To all misery
by lies and decieve
i can't find
The missing
pieces of this puzzle.

(?) (?)
I still can't speak
The silent witness, Forever!
The quest... For the answer
I Seek


(Clean voice)

This (?) cannot have for they have no sign of what's inside (?)
Talking ain't no solution
Because no one seen
They don't see, what the question is
The reason... of being me
The reason of being me

(Back to grunts)

I... Cannot think... of... a reason

That's... the question...

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von Officium Triste

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