Starting New Songtext
von Normandie

Starting New Songtext

Started out on the street
invisible and alone
bruised up and let down
from the past that won't stop haunting me in my sleep
And when you keep counting numbers i keep counting days
my memories are painted on my face
i don't know what I'm running from i don't know where to hide
but there is something going inside
It's like I'm giving it up
It's something i aint missing
I start to give it away everything I hold inside
Im gonna start over new
A cleaner slate is all i ever asked for i'm giving it up
So i can stand on solid ground I'm starting new
Now I'm living my dream
on the top of the world i see
Everything that i've been wishing for is right beneath my feet
I don't know what i'm searching for but i know what i've found
I've been searching all my life to feel something Just to fill out this void, to fill out this void
I've been searching all my life to feel anything
I just wanna feel whole
So i'm gonna give everything away just to feel alive
I'm giving it up just to feel alive I'm starting new

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