God Knows Songtext
von Nic Cester

God Knows Songtext

Is it all down to bad luck
And I'm worn to the core
Weighed down and troubled
This world can be cold
Is it time to start asking
Asking for more
Should I try and walk away now
Or do I break down and crawl

'Cause God knows I'm comin'
Comin', yeah I'm comin'

And I'm gonna blame it
Blame it on the lord
'Cause he never answers
He never answered my call
Should I stay with the devil
He bends all the truths
He don't leave me hungry
He don't pick and choose

And he knows comin'
Comin' back for more

Don't blame me Jesus
Don't lead me on
Well I know you've got your reasons
But I have
I have none
I've grown tired of waiting
Tired and restless minds
Well I am not a rich man
But I am one of a kind

God knows I'm comin'
Comin', yeah I'm comin'

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