Tom Tom Turn Around Songtext
von New World

Tom Tom Turn Around Songtext

Tom Tom lived for all he could give
And he stood by his father's side

Then into his world came a sweet younf girl
And he took her for his bride
He took her for his bride.

Tom Tom turn around
Don't ever let me down
Don't ever leave me my life

Tom Tom turn around
Don't ever let me down
Take me for your wife
Please take me for your wife.

Tom Tom's called away

But his wife says
Though he never had to leave before

Sweet young wife
Only fears for the good life
That she may see no more

And then he hers her call.

Tom Tom turn around...

You can't leave your wife
You can't leave your wife

Tom Tom returns

But only to learn there was truth
In the words he'd ignored

Sweet young wife
Found a new kind of life

And a strong man's heart was torn

Will he always hear that call?

Tom Tom turn around...

Tom Tom's alone in a world of his own

When he hears a new voice call

'be my man - I'll do all that I can'.
Is that what he's been waiting for

Will he turn and answer his call?

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