Moment of Eternity Songtext
von My Own Shiva

Moment of Eternity Songtext

Wait, take your time, look around, what have we lost?
Did you notice everything is moving in a circle
Where is the return point or we all die from the frost
We′re just dust on the sole, disheveled journal

How long have we been asleep? Are we all real?
Maybe we are not here we are just matter
Who will give us a sign when there will come the portent
You did not see the beginning, we are just a moment

I'll drown in your eyes
Doesn′t matter what they say
We've heard too many lies
It remains only to pray

I feel the presence of the higher mind
Please don't think about it, I′m fine
We are not alone, we are someone′s toys
Hypnotize and play with me, I'm yours

Save me, my patron
I am your child, fidelity in the flesh

When i′m looking to your eyes
I realize the world is freezing
Doesn't matter what they want, doesn′t matter what they felt
We've heard too many lies
Now i can′t live without dreaming
I know this is not real that's all we have left

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