Lolita Songtext
von Mustard Plug

Lolita Songtext

I wanna meet ya
I wanna take you in my arms and squeeze ya,
'Cause you amaze me,
Ya really slay me
And every touch just drives me crazy.

But the world won't accept the way I feel,
And the man says that our love ain't real.
If only our hearts, they could only see,
But today our love can never be.

Every time that we're together
I get the feeling that its never been better
Your love just blows me away.
Tell me that you're thinkin' of me
And that you put no one else above me,
I need ya baby right now!

Since I met ya,
Girl you know I could never forget ya.
And I know now,
I'm making my vow,
That we're gunna be together somehow.

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