One Love Karma Songtext
von Morcheeba

One Love Karma Songtext

The King of compliments, I'm headed out this weekend
My tummy aches of psychosomatic trends,
What can I say yo my timing was off, I got lost in the thicker but defense was all soft
It was all balance among your strange talents, blinded by fatigue and let alone intrigue, Shatter the mystique called out defeat The best MC's they really act most human
Never to assume it that you already knew it though, back at your bungalow don't act so humble yo, Come on lady you know I need amending of, Demented Pent up Blue Collar Tough

Vote(?) for a seamstress, sentence are seamless, dangling off the needle begging for a kiss, now that's pathetic a grown man out to get It, no need to get it twisted Hun don't sweat it.

Its not R&B, back to R&D No time for tinkering, no patience for bickering,
I'm out the door, the solid oak metaphor; Slam Silent, the notion to tab violent;
Treblent(?) word play, watching the tears decay, The Less Ready will keep it copasetic, My Session is Done My Jimmy Weighs a ton; A ride together, Will make this grown Man Sprung.

Come On - One love Karma-
No Need to get it Twisted Hun- Don't sweat it.
You need that loved one to give you feed back
Keep it – Keep it- Keep it - Copasetic One love karma
One- One- Do-don't Sweat it-
You need that loved one to give you feed back-
Co-co-Keep it Copasetic

On Thursday got a little airplay, rare A+ debut on a weekday
A gold star, debutant report card, I need that, Loved ones given feedback
For peeps sakes, let me digress, you know I'm always rambling in time of distress
I'm stressed out, Melatonin(?) of melodrama, No further questions, the defense rush your honor. Best to the Fam, especially your mama,
You and a You, Come on One love Karma.

Come on One Love Karma
Come on One Love Karma

You need that loved one to give you feed back
keep- -keep-keep it copasetic

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