Cyclops Revolution Songtext
von Monster Magnet

Cyclops Revolution Songtext

Ahh, ahh

Cut off your legs
For you are too slow
(For you are too slow)
I cut off my hair
(Ha ha ha)
I won′t need it, where I'm gonna go
As the nine heads bleed
Over all that is mine
Kiss the mouth of the scorpion baby
′Cause Odin sayeth it's time
(Ha ha ha)
The sound of ringin' bells
(Ha ha ha)
Of cars smackin′ into trees
The sign of brother power
Comin′ down to me, yeah

I'm alive, I′m alive, I'm alive
Not you
I′m alive, I'm alive, I′m alive
Not, you


I'm gonna cry me a river
A river of tears
I'm gonna crawl back in my room now
(Room now)
And boil up some fear
I′m gonna eat me a mountain
A mountain of pills
Ain′t I got no revolution
But I can fuckin'a kill

I′ve got mine, I've got mine, I′ve got mine
Fuck you
I've got mine, I′ve got mine, I've got mine
Fuck, you

Voo voo aaa aaa aaa
Voo aaa
Ha ha ha
Voo aaa aaa
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Hey aaa aaa aaa voo

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